Carnic Alps


For those who want to hike the trail from west to east, the small village of Sillian is a good point to start from. More than 1000 m up to the Sillian Hut makes also a good start, yet leaves enough time for sightseeing.


The famous Drei Zinnen from the Sillian Hut, which offers a tremendous view at the Dolomites from the north. The Grosse Zinne, the highest peak in the middle, almost reaches 3000 m if it wasn't for a meter.
Church and cemetry in Sillian Dolomites - Zinnen


It is a great look to see the rocks, walls and towers partly covered in clouds during the evening. The view is changing all the time.

Evening sunlight

It was maybe only for a minute that the Zinnen were set alight by the setting sun. Early July after a snow-rich winter guarrantee for the additional make-up of snow fields.
Dolomites Dolomites

Up on Pfannspitze

Down below is the Rosskopftoerl, toerl being another domestic name for pass. The Rosskopf (2603 m) is the rocky mountain behind, towering over the Obstansersee Hut. The Pfannspitze itself, from where the picture was taken, is 2678 m high.

Near Kreuzen

Between the Hochweissteinhous and the Wolayersee Hut the trail crosses Italian territory. Here the view goes down the slopes after the Giramondopass, directly south of the mountain Kreuzen. And once again I do not miss the blue sky in this photograph.
From Pfannspitze Near Kreuzen


My taste favors the early time of the year, partly because the majority of people hasn't arrived yet, and due to the more interesting look with all the remaining snow from the winter. The small tree is struggling for its existence.

King Wall

Down below on the southern slopes of King Wall (Koenigswand). In some parts the Carnic Alps already come close to the Dolomites.
Little tree Kingwall

Again Dolomites

Whenever you take a look at the other side you ask yourself why you are hiking in the Carnic Alps and not in the Dolomites, as it seems to be the for more beautiful place. Well, I don't want to argue, and plans to visit the Dolomites are fixed in my mind, but what you'll see from over there are the Carnic Alps...

Far Away

A view to distant mountains; I am not familiar enough with the Alps to identify them - maybe somebody can help? The Carnic Alps are not among the highest ranges of the Alps and do not present themselves as motive from the surrounding giants, yet offer great views at the Dolomites to the south and high peaks such as this to the north and north-west.
Dolomites Alps

After rain

Up on the pass between Rauchkofel and Hohe Warte. The sun has just reappeared after a nasty rainshower, the view down the valley is still misty.


The north-west wall of Hohe Warte with the Wolayersee. This lake is a popular target for tourists from both the Austrian and Italian side and a beauty indeed. It is hart to imagine the heavy fighting at this place during WWI.
Pass to Wolayer Lake Hohe Warte