Guadarrama (Spain)


A little above 1500 m near the Mirador L. Rosales, a place not too far from the town of Cercedilla to get it done with a late start after noon.


Probably the most exiting tour in the vicinity of Cercedilla is the one over the Siete Picos, starting from Puerto de Navacerrada, which is accessible by train.
Tree Siete Picos

Tree 1

Many trees, also called a forest, are nothing special to look at. Some will disagree, but...

Tree 2 a forest to a lone standing tree, and you will likely choose the latter for taking a picture.
Tree Tree


From the Pena del Oso, 2196 m peak of the La Mujer Muerta, the view opens to the plain a good thousand meters below, the foreground all yellow with gorse.



One of the Siete Picos, the 2138 m high Somontano, which is easily accessible from this side.


The Somontano from the other side, a different look. The picos are made from granite, which has split into blocks by weathering.
Siete Picos Siete Picos


On top of the La Pinareja, a 2197 m mountain of the La Mujer Muerta. Just below the summit crest someone has put a biblical scene.

Dead Trees

This is not an ecological catastrophe, it's just a National Park, where trees are allowed to begin a second life after death.
La Pinareja Dead Trees

Life and Death

A green and a dry tree, with the Siete Picos in the background and a thunderstorm above it all.


In early summer the mountains are covered all over with gorse. Wherever you look, you see the yellow gorse.
Dead Tree Gorse

Far Away

From the Cerro Minguete (2026 m) to the east, from left the Cuerda Larga and the Siete Picos.


The Bola del Mundo (2262 m) not only hosts all sorts of antennas, it also turns into a ski resort during winter time.
Bola del Mundo Ski Resort