In a southwestern direction across some old snow and not far below Refuge la Dent Parrachée a mountain called le Rateau d'Aussois (3133 m) dominates the view.


Looking and photographing against the light from the same place shows the massif of La Dent Parrachée (3697 m).
Rateau d'Aussois Rocks


Again La Dent Parrachée, but this time seen from refuge de l'Arpont. Its northwestern slopes are highlighted by the evening sun.

View from Arpont Summit La Dent Parrachee


A lookout, watching. An approaching possible enemy causes a whistle. Marmot's biggest enemies are curiosity and appetite. A young and daring Marmot doesn't give a damn about being photographed. Fifty mm lens.
Marmot Young Marmot

Trouble between these two. Whether they are fighting about a girl or just for honor I have no way of knowing. This one plays it cool while walking across a snowfield.
Fighting Marmots Marmot

The rear end of a working Marmot, digging some more space into its hole. After a meal, leftovers of grass still all around the mouth.
Marmot Marmot


Houseleeks (Sempervivum), a plant that lives forever and hence also grows in alpine conditions.


Gentian is abundant and beautiful. It looks like Gentiana verna, but I'm not an expert.
Plant ?????


A panoramic shot of a whole group of mountains around Mont Pelve (3261 m).



The good weather allows for a beautiful reflection of Mont Pelve in a small lake.

Different Perspective

Yet another lake below Mont Pelve, this time seen from a different angle. Small lakes are often married to snowfields.
???? ????


The early season offers beautiful snow-topped mountains, but the trail may also be hidden by the snow.


The Torrent de la Leisse in its deep valley. Huge amounts of snow have accumulated during winter.
Snow Torrent de la Leisse


Two views seen from the same place and of the same lake, Lac Long. The left shot was taken in the afternoon, while the right side shows it in the morning. The lake is a cold trap, ice has just started melting this early in the year.

Lac Long Lac Long


The same rule as above: The Pointe de la Grande (Petite) Glière (3392 m) photographed not far from Refuge du Col de la Vanoise, left shot after noon, right in the morning.

Grand Gliere Grand Gliere


The two donkeys owned by Refuge de la Valette standing patiently on the front porch, waiting for nothing in particular.


An environmentally friendly installation for cooling drinks, self-service included. (Actual price may be higher.)
Donkeys Drinks


One of the harder passages was the steep ascent up to Col du Grand Marchet (2490 m).


The beautiful waterfalls fed by the melting glaciers on the upper slopes are an outstanding feature of Cirque du Grand Marchet.
From Col du Grand Marchet Cirque du Gramd Marchet


Close to Refuge de Péclet-Polset is Lac Blanc, yet another lake without an above-ground outlet. Instead it is fed by air - it's raining.


At least it is plainly visible how the water disappears. The hole looks fresh and it looks as if the level of the lake has fallen recently.
Lac Blanc Drainage of Lac Blanc


Clouds are still hanging over the Doron de Chavière valley after a thunderstorm had hit the area the previous evening.


A look back during the ascent on Col de Chavière (2796 m). The northern slopes are still covered with melting snowfields.
Valley Snowfields