São Miguel

Ponta Delgada

This is the biggest city on the Azores and usually the starting point for any visit, since most flights from abroad land here. The background shows the origin of the island chain: Volcanism.

Ponta Delgada

Old Port

No complaints about the solid trail, but we had to walk the gauntlet of breaking waves at the old port of Fenais. We made it.

Santa Iria

Another day and a more peaceful sight.
Fenais Old Port Santa Iria


We visited the Azores in September and these were the flowers we saw nearly everywhere.

Flower Flowers


The subtropic climate grows a jungle-like forest in those places where it hasn't been cleared.


Here the forest has been cleared for the only one tea plantation in Europe.
Forest Tea


At the end of the valley down on the coast is the small town of Povoação, our basis for São Miguel.

View at Povoacao


The high precipitation on the Azores delivers enough water to power mills like this one in Povoação.

Ribeira do Purgar

The mouth of this river in Povoação.
Mill in Povoacao Povoacao


Is it a throne of the Beach King or an assembly of rescue equipment?


A dyke of basaltic rock on the beach of Povoação.
Watcher of the beach Volcanic rock

Coast at Povoação

Another look at the small town late in the afternoon.

Coast at Povoacao


Houses in Moinhos (left) and Nordeste (right).

Moinhos Nordeste

Cascata da Ribera do Limbo

Cascata da Gruta

Cascata da Ribera do Limbo Cascata da Gruta

Poço da Truta

Janela do Inferno

Poco da Truta Janela do Inferno


From Pico do Milho, a hill inside the caldera.

Lagoa das Furnas

On the northern shore of the lake are fumaroles and mud-pots.
From Pico do Milho Lagoa das Furnas

Praia dos Moinhos

A good beach such as this is not always granted on volcanic islands.

Praia das Moinhos


Many volcanic islands are of young age and feature rocky cliffs.

Santa Iria

Rocky coasts like the basalt cliffs in this bight.
Cliffs Santa Iria


Abundant, but moving extremely fast and hard to photograph.

Lizard Lizard



Grashopper Crab

São Miguel

The Igreja Matriz de São Sebastião, built in the 16th century.

Portas da Cidade

A city gate, taken from the former city walls and put into the center as a landmark.
Church Portas da Cidade

Sete Cidades

Another landmark of São Miguel and of the Azores in general is this caldera in the vicinity of Ponta Delgada.

Sete Cidades