The shore of the Baikal Lake

The Baikal Lake is the biggest fresh water lake on earth. About 1,600 m deep, 600 km long and 40 km wide it feeds the unique Angara River, one of the large Siberian streams.


The picture was taken near a hot spring some 80 km south of Severobaikalsk. The eastern shore is visible at the horizon, topped by the mountains of the Bargusin range.
Baikal shore Baikal

Baikal Mountains

This mountain range is located on the northwestern shore of Baikal and is up to 2,500 m high.


A plateau at 1,500-1,600 m, formed by glaciers in ancient times; in my opinion it is much more beautiful than any summit might be. Just like a Chinese garden.
Mountain valley Mountain plateau

View from a pass

The highest mountain of the range, Cherskij Peak, is 2,588 m high and qwns a small glacier on its eastern flank.

View back at the mountains

From the Kurkula River, that flows into the Baikal lake just 5 km south of the aforementioned hot spring.
Summit Chersky