Fittie Bar

An ancient-looking cute building in the harbor area with a nice bar inside.


This living area was built in the 19th century as home to fishermen and poorer people.
Fittie Bar Footdee


A pier stretches out to sea to protect the entrance to the harbor.


Aberdeen is a base for supply ships serving oil platforms and the like in the North Sea.
Harbor entrance Off-shore supply ship


Sitting among tombstones, this fox seems to fear nothing.

Bastille Building

A former flax warehouse, part of the Broadford Textile Works, now occupied by apartments.
Fox Bastille Building

Castle Street

The center of Aberdeen.


The city is full of these houses made from gray stones.
Castle Street Houses

Bridge of Dee

It was built in 1527 and rebuilt in the 18th century.

Bridge of Dee

River Dee

An upstream view from the Bridge of Dee. The river originates in the Cairngorms.

River Dee


The Allevale Cemetery on the left near the river Dee and the St Nicholas Cemetery inside the city.

Allenvale Cemetery St Nicholas Cemetery


Gilcomston Church and the tower of St John's Chapel.

Gilcomston Church St John's Chapel

Denburn Road

Two views of buildings standing along Denburn Road in the city center.

Denburn Road Denburn Road

River Don

The northern one of the two rivers flanking the city of Aberdeen.

River Don

Bridge of Balgownie

It is even older than the Bridge of Dee, dating back to the 14th century and crossing the river Don.

Bridge of Balgownie Bridge of Balgownie

Union Terrace Gardens

A garden set into the former valley of Den burn, which is (or was) a small stream now flowing underground. Flanked by a railway and buildings such as Majesty's Theater on the right.

Union Terrace Gardens