Old town

From top of the mountain Srd.

Old Town Old Town at Night

Fort Svetoj Spasitel

Ploce Gate

Sv Spasitel Ploce Gate

Fort St John and port

Fort St John and Port

Placa Stradun

This street divides the old town in two.

Kovacka Street

One of the many small alleyways.
Placa Stradun Kovacka Sreet

Franciscan Church

Colonnade of Franciscan Monastery

Church inside Colonnade

Eastern side with port

Eastern side with port

Fort Minceta

The highest point of the city wall.


Fort Minceta Port

View from Fort Minceta

From Fort Minceta

Pile Gate

Ploce Gate

Pile gate Ploce Gate
Pile Gate Ploce Gate

St Sebastian Church

Small Onofrio's Fountain

St Sebastian Church Small Onofrio's Fountain

Northern Wall

Fort Bokar

Northern Wall Fort Bokar


Lit by the setting sun.


In the evening.
Lovrijenac Lovrijenac at Night

Lovrijenac - Inside

Inside Lovrijenac Inside Lovrijenac

Lovrijenac - The "upper deck"

Lovrijenac Lovrijenac
Cannon on Lovrjienac From Lovrjienac

Dubrovnik from Lovrijenac

Dubrovnik from Lovrijenac

Lovrijenac and part of old town in different light

Late afternoon Lit by downing sun

Stormy Weather

Storm Waves hit Port