This is the main attraction of Granada and a must for any visitor.



Despite the dry appearance of the surrounding land, there is a surprising number of fountains in the city.


Granada is situated on the foothills of the Sierra Nevada and offers many points with good views across the city.
Fuente Evening


The medieval alleys in the Albaicín are often steep to require steps.

Old town Old town

Iglesia Parroquial de san Gil y santa Ana

An old church from the 16th century near the Alhambra and the river Darro.


It is impossible to capture the whole church, as it is surrounded by other buildings.
Iglesia Parroquial de san Gil y santa Ana Cathedral

Old town

Another steep alleyway in the old town.


The view at Alhambra is often obscured, which doesn't prevent photography.
Old town Flower


A famous Islamic structure from the 13th century with the Alcazaba fortress on the right.



Granada, as seen from between Alhambra and Generalife.

Convento de San Francisco

A part of a former Nasrid palace that was later transformed into a Franciscan convent. And today it serves as a hotel.
Granada Convento de San Francisco


In the 16th century started a never-ending construction of this palace for Charles V.

Iglesia de Santa María de la Incarnación

Built at the end of the 16th century on the remnants of a mosque, of which only the baths have survived.
Palacio de Carlos V Iglesia de Santa Maria de la Incarnacion


The wall-tower Torre de Muhammad de las Gallinas with the medieval old city in the background.

Torre de Muhammad de las Gallinas


This fortified part was built in the 13th century and forms the oldest part of the Alhambra. The triple walls must have been a formidable obstacle then.

Alcazaba Alcazaba

From Torre de la Vela

The Torre del Homenaje on the left is the highest point of the fortress.



Since the Convento de San Francisco is now a hotel, the guests can enjoy this nice garden in front.

More Garden

A fountain in the Generalife, a palace with a huge ancient garden.
Convento de San Francisco Generalife Fuente

From Generalife

A rose in the garden with part of the Alhambra in the blurry background.

Patio de la Acequia

This palace was made for a good life back in the Moorish time.
Generalive Flower Generalife


A long day of visiting the Alhambra and Generalife comes to an end.

Patio de la Sultana

The water comes from the Darro river.
Generalife Generalife

Embalse de Canales

This reservoir was built in the 80ies on the river Genil not far from Granada.

GŁéjar Sierra

A village above the reservoir, a good base camp for hiking the Sierra Nevada.
GŁejar Reservoir GŁejar


On a dayhike from GŁéjar we passed these rocks.


Almost back in GŁéjar, we walk trough dry gardens above the village.
Rocks Tree


Opposite from GŁéjar Sierra, on the other side of the reservoir, is an old ruined castle, good for another hike.


A third hike brought us to a ruined house in the mountains.
Castillo Ruin

Sierra Nevada

On the horizon are the summits of the Sierra Nevada. Late in autumn we had not planned for these in fear of snowfalls.


The view goes along the valley of the Genil river towards Granada.
Sierra Nevada Genil Valley


The Canales reservoir with its 157 m high dam. Unfortunately, its flooding buried a railway that ran through a natural cave.

Genil Reservoir