The Castle Hill with its central location dominates the city.


A view across the city from halfway up Castle Hill with the Church of Annunciation in the middle.
From Radetzky bridge From Felsenweg


One of the many streets in the old town.


Graz also presents modern style, here with a professional graffiti.
Hofgasse House with graffiti

Mariahilfer Church

The two bell-towers at night.


A network of tunnels under the Castle Hill dates back to WWII, when people took shelter from bombing raids.
Mariahilferkirche Im Schlossberg


A castle build in the 15th century within the old town.

Franciscan Church

Completed in 1240.
Grazer Burg Franziskanerkirche


The ceiling of the famous double spiral staircase in the Burg.

City Hall

As seen from the Hauptplatz (Main Square).
Wendeltreppe City Hall


A part of the castle on the Schlossberg, a perfect place for fortifications.


This hill within the city center is an ideal location for a walk with great views across Graz.
Schlossberg Befestigungen Kriegssteig

Clock Tower

A tower featuring a big clock, built in the 13th century on the Schlossberg.

Bell Tower

Also situated on the Schlossberg, this tower only performs acoustic duties.
Uhrturm Bell Tower


On the Square of Human Rights.


A bridge for pedestrians leads over an island in the Mur river with a small concert arena.
Brunnen Murinsel


The baroque residence of the Eggenberg family waits for visitors on the periphery of Graz, surrounded by a big park. The palace was built in the 17th century.

Schloss Eggenberg Schloss Eggenberg


The inner courtyard of the Eggenberg Palace.

Schloss Eggenberg Schloss Eggenberg

Calvary Hill

Yet another hill, a bit outside of town on the river Mur, with a Way of the Cross leading to the top and a chapel nearby.

Kalvarienberg Chapel Kalvarienberg


The Mur, a typical mountain river with rushing alpine waters, the Schlossberg and the Franciscan church within sight. The sky prepares for a thunderstorm.

From Radetzky Bridge