Old houses in Skärnu Road. Most of the old town survived the last war.


Almost all roads in Riga's old town are paved with cobblestones, which looks rather good, but keep your high heels at home!
Near St Peter Old house


A few parts still remain of the walls around the city.

City wall City wall


Two samples of sculptures and artwork on facades.

Sculpture House front


An old trading house hosts the Latvian Museum of Architecture.


And its modern counterpart, called Z-Towers, is an apartment-building.
Old trade house New skycraper

National Library of Latvia

A distinctive building. Opinions may vary.

National Library National Library

Stone Bridge

The central bridge linking the old town on the right side of the river Daugava with the other side.


Two churches, the Dome Cathedral and, further back, St James Cathedral, seen from the Stone Bridge.
Stone bridge Riga Dome

The Bremen Town Musicians

The band on tour in Riga, a gift of the city of Bremen. Judging from the looks, we are lucky not to hear any of it.


The Freedom Monument, guarded by soldiers, was already built in 1935 in memory of the victims during the struggle for independence from 1918-1920. The Soviets didn't dare tearing it down during occupation.
Bremen Stadtmusikanten Freedom Memorial

Powder Tower

A mighty leftover of the city wall.


The territory of the former fortifications now features a park.
Powder tower Park

Vansu Bridge

The northernmost bridge across the Daugava. Why not name it Concrete Bridge?

Vansu bridge Vansu bridge


A panorama of the old town from Vansu Bridge.


Riga Castle

Today this old castle is the residency of Latvia's president.

Riga Castle

St Peter's Church

A lift leads up to the viewing platform, installed during reconstruction after WWII.

St Peter St Peter at night

Riflemen Square

With the famous Blackheads House, also reconstructed after destruction in WWII.

Shooter's Square

Academy of Science

This building was erected after WWII and also offers a viewing platform.

Academy of Science Academy of Science


A wooden house on the peninsula of Jurmala on the Baltic Sea.


All it takes is a short train ride to the long beach on the Bay of Riga.
Dzintari Majori beach


Another train takes you to the area around Sigulda and the valley of the river Gauja.


On the banks of Gauja are some small caves, formed by springs flowing off of the sandstone rock.
Gauja Cave


The hills over the valley were the perfect places for setting up castles, this one being Castle Treiden (Turaida).

Inside tower

A look up at the ceiling of the castle's big tower with its chandelier.
Castle Treyden Ceiling of tower


A view across the Gauja valley and Castle Treiden from the Castle of Sigulda.


A local train at Sigulda Train Station waiting for the trip back to Riga.
Gauja valley Local train


The market was built using two Zeppelin hangars left over from the German Army after WWI. Out of two hangars, five market halls were built.

Riga Market Riga Market


The old town from the Academy of Science, with the Daugava and the three bridges, made from steel, stone, and concrete. The market halls are in the middle.

Riga from Academy