City Hall

A mighty building, appropriate for a city such as Vienna. Erected in late 19th century.

Neue Burg

The Neue Burg is a part of the Hofburg, the former Imperial Palace and was also built in the late 19th century.
City Hall Neue Burg


A panoramic view from the Stephansdom.

From Stephansdom


As with all tall buildings in old city centers it's a challenge to capture the St Stephen's Cathedral as a whole.


The Friars Minor Conventual Church, completed in the 14th century in Gothic style.
Stephansdom Minoritenkirche

Prince Eugen

In front of the Neue Burg.

Archduke Charles

Opposite to the prince on Heroes square.
Prince Eugen Erzherzog Karl

National Library

In the Hofburg, originally founded as the Imperial Court Library.

Nationalbibliothek Nationalbibliothek

Plaque Column

Built after an epidemic in the 17th century.


One of the many small alleyways of the old city.
Pestsäule Schönlaterngasse

Upper Belvedere

Built in the 18th century by Prince Eugen.


St Charles Church

Located on Karlsplatz and dated from the 18th century.

Scots Church

An old building from the 12th century, built by Benedictine monks.
Karlskirche Schottenkirche


One of the many sculptures in the Belvedere complex.


A grave at St Marx cemetery.
Statue Belvedere Cemetery St Marx

City Park

A sculpture in the City Park.


Part of a fountain, decorating the Hofburg.
Statue Stadtpark Fountain Michaelerplatz

Ballhaus Square

Johann Strauß Monument

Ballhausplatz Johann Strauß Monument


This Imperial Palace is located outside the city center and was used as a summer residence. Today, along with its baroque garden, it is a major touristic attraction.


From Neptunbrunnen Schönbrunn


The building sits at the end of the baroque garden of Schönbrunn, high on a hill behind an artificial pond.