Photographs of Biokovo



Right above the town of Makarska resides this rock, a 1422 m hike *up* from the the Adriatic Sea's shore. On its top is a small hut.

Down below

The shore of the Dalmatian coast is protected by several long islands with a calming effect even in the event of bad weather.
Summit of Vosac Evening over Adriatic Sea


The town of Makarska is directly underneath the Biokovo and may serve as an ideal basis for hiking tours. Maybe not too ideal, since one has to climb up more than a 1000 m to reach the upper Biokovo. Click for a few more photographs of Makarska.

Bight of Makarska


The protection offered by the National Park improves the chance to meet some chamois.

Nature Park

This chamois curious chamois stands within the Park before a background suggesting everything else rather than environmental protection.
Chamois Chamois


The protected environment was a tough one during our stay. One particular bad day we decided to hike along the coast - here a look at the harbor of Baska Voda.


Limestone and a little sunshine create the cliché of the blue Adriatic Sea.
Harbor of Baska Voda Adriatic Sea


In places where the slopes of the Biokovo are not too steep they are covered with forest.


A network of trails intersects the Natural Park. It is wise to stay on these trails as there are many sinkholes called dolines.
Forest Trial in Biokovo

Makarska from above

The breathtaking difference in height delivers a stunning view down at the sea shore. If the weather permits, of course.

View at Makarska


Tucepi, the next small town south from Makarska. The island in the background is Hvar.


Baska Voda, a small settlement to the north of Makarska, with the island of Brac.
View at the Coast View at Baska Voda


In April the upper parts of the Biokovo were still partially covered with snow, an ugly contrast to the summer-like feeling down at the coast.


This is the highest mountain of the range - Sveti Jure at 1762 m, topped by the unavoidable radio tower. A small road leads to the summit, which is not an easy drive and requires a permit.
Biokovo Summit of Svetoi Jure


A Dalmatian Wall Lizard enjoys the warmth of the evening sun.


The dark rainy weather did not favor the shooting of this big Fire Salamander.
Lizard Salamander


Human labor has also left its traces in the upper parts of Biokovo. In spite of the many rocks the terrain was used for agriculture, but mostly for herding livestock such as goats.


A first glance at the map makes it look like a plateau, yet it isn't. One doline leads to the next, deep funnel-shaped holes created by erosion of the limestone.
Old Walls Biokovo


Once in the area, we decided to take a look at Split, a city with ancient Roman roots. The palace of Emperor Diokletian forms the center of the old town. After a good start the weather changed and a cold northern wind settled in, called Bora.