The ancient town of Kotor, here seen from two opposite directions, sits deep inside a fjord-like bay relatively far from the open waters of the Adriatic Sea.

Kotor Bay of Kotor

Old town

A closer look at the old center inside the Venetian fortifications. The cruise ship anchoring in front of the city dwarfs the "mighty" fortress walls.

Cruise ship at Kotor

Zig Zag

A path leads up the mountainside above town, offering breathtaking views for those willing to climb up.


Not only the stone, also the weather turns against us on our way down in the afternoon.
Way up Bay of Kotor


The landside of Kotor is also protected by walls that cover the whole of a rocky hill lying behind the city.

Kotor with fortress

Bay of Kotor

St. Jovan

This small chapel is in a pitiful state, but not beyond repair.

Church of our Lady of Remedy

The church presents itself as a face-saving target for those tourists, who start to feel themselves wary on their way up inside the fortress.
St Jovan Church of our Lady of Remedy


The city wall along the Skurda river, a rather short river, springing from the karst and already entering the bay just after half a mile.

City wall on Skurda river


The Gurdic gate on the eastern side of town, one of the few openings in the wall.


The Gurdic gate and bastion from outside. A freshwater pond enhances the military value of the fortification, fed by one of the many karst springs.
Gurdic gate Gurdic bastion


The Bembo bastion protects the western side in cooperation with the already mentioned Skurda river.


The gate on the western side is the River gate and accessible only over a bridge.
Bembo bastion River gate


The third and last gate into town is on the sea side. Guess how it is called?


Kotor is a city of cats even offering a cat museum. The cats also man the cannons at night.
Cannon in front of Sea gate Cat on cannon

Full Moon

A full moon has risen over Kampana tower. The upper fortress wall is illuminated at night.

Gurdic Bastion

The night has no power over Kotor, everything is well lit for tourists, and photography continues after sunset.
Kampana tower Gurdic bastion

St. Nicholas Church

Church of Nicolas Church of Nicolas


The wall of the fortress covering the town from the landside looks as if it was built with the enemy already in sight.


One of the many fortifications found in the area of Kotor, this one built in the Austrian period.
Fortress walls Old fortress


At the fortification's highest point waits the Castle of St. Giovanni for tougher tourists ready to climb up the many steps. And also rich enough to pay the 8 Euro fee.

From Kotor fortress Flag on Kotor fortress


A little church dedicated to Saint Luke gives this square its name. Note the cat in the middle.

From behind

The same church, only from the other side.
Church of Lukas Old town


With the many karst springs it was never a problem to supply the city with fresh water.


Perast is a popular old village within the Bay of Kotor.
Well Perast


Another, not so popular village in the Bay of Kotor. The slope faces to the south and we had to step over a dozen snakes that day.


Karst rock favors the formation of caves, this one high above Kotor on the road P1.
Orahovac Cave


The many jumping grasshoppers made early detection of snakes difficult.


At least this one didn't jump around.
Grille Turtle


A channel of just about 300 m width leads into the inner Bay of Kotor.


A view at Kotor, situated at the very end of the Bay.
Lepetane Bay of Kotor


Pestin Grad, a rock about 1000 m over Kotor, offers the best view over the area.

Opposit side

The Bay of Kotor from the other side.
From Pestin Grad Bay of Kotor


Yet another one look from Pestin Grad, showing the distance to the Adriatic Sea and how deep the Bay of Kotor is cut into the mountainous land.


A cruise ship has occupied the city. If more than one arrives, it has to drop anchor in-midst the bay.
From Pestin Grad Kotor


A small chapel and the cemetery of the village Donji Stoliv.


The old chapel of Saint Vid high over Lepetane, built in the 14th century.
Donji Stoliv cemetery Sv Vid


Kotor from a restaurant during sunset on our last evening.


The Bay of Kotor at night, also from a restaurant. I recommend the local wine, you won't regret it.
Kotor Bay of Kotor at night

Bay of Kotor

The whole (almost) of the Bay of Kotor from the mountain of Pestin Grad.

From Pestin Grad