Polar Ural



Grass dominates the wide valleys, serving as food for reindeer herds.


In the evening the sun goes down very slowly; an artic sundown provides plenty of time for taking photographs.
Pass Evening in Tundra


Some ice is still floating on mountain lakes in August. The ice floe looks just like an aircraft carrier.

Snow drifts

The largest snow drifts claim to be the smallest glaciers. The river's gate is big enough to let a truck pass through.
Mountain lake Snowfield


This nomad is travelling together with his family and a herd of one thousand reindeers.


In summer they live a nomadic live feeding their herds in the grassy Polar Ural valleys. In winter they move to a more southern location in order to have enough firewood against the cold.
Herdsman Nomad family

Big Chucha Lake

The Big Chucha Lake is the biggest mountain lake in the area. The sky promises bad weather and shortly after this picture had been taken a storm started to blow.


The weather conditions are hard in the Polar Ural, but rain also needs a rest from time to time. Sunshine in front of a dark cloudy sky makes a strong contrast.
Chucha Lake Tundra