British Isles

Snowdonia, Ranger Path

In all our time we have gone only twice to the British Isles, as of today, but our plans and dreams contain more than one idea of again visiting places in Scotland or Ireland in the future. And it isn't too far away.

Wales - Snowdonia

There are indeed mountains on the British Islands, not very impressive when judged by sheer elevation, but so close by the sea a 1000 m high mountain means a real thousand meters difference in height. Shaped by glaciers, bare rock, the treeless landscape, the rough climate, and finally the right route - everything put together may challenge the experienced hiker.

Scotland - Cairngorms

The Cairngorms are a mountain range in Scotland, right in the middle of it, and it is the biggest national park in the UK. Many of the UK's highest mountains are located in the Cairngorms, on paper not very high, but due to the northern climate and winds they look appear higher and offer alpine conditions with snow fields lasting into the summer. There are many trails, which often vanish at higher elevation and on stony ground, where you are left to navigate on your own.