From Braemar we follow the Dee, the same river we already had met in Aberdeen. On the left, a tributary flows across the meadows, the river Quoich.

Rivers Quoich and Dee River Dee

Victoria Bridge

This steel bridge is the first crossing above Breamar and our way to the other side.

Victoria Bridge Victoria Bridge

Lui Water

Another tributary of the Dee offers us a good place for the night and a nice view.

Lui Water

Carn a' Mhaim

A mountain of 1037 m seen from the Lui Water, fully visible only on the right picture.

Lui Water Carn a' Mhaim


While the photographs above look closer to what we had imagined in terms of Scottish weather, the next day returned to bright sunshine.

Lui Water

Derry Lodge

This hut is closed for good and it is a good idea to bring a tent.


A bridge crosses the Derry Burn not far from the hut.
Derry Lodge Bridge over Derry Burn

Luibeg Burn

Another stream, joining the Derry Burn near the Derry Lodge to become Lui Water. The season is dry and there is almost no swampy ground to cross.

Luibeg Burn Glen Luibeg

Devil's Point

With 1004 m a striking lookout high above Glen Dee.

Glen Dee

Our next stop for the night on the banks of the upper Dee.
Devil's Point River Dee

Ben Macdui

This is the route from the Dee valley up to Ben Macdui, with 1309 m the second-highest mountain not only in the area but of Scotland and Great Britain.


This doesn't look like the summit of a high mountain, but it is.
Ben Macdui Summit of Ben Macdui

From Ben Macdui

The plateaus are a sea of stones.

From Ben Macdui

Glen Dee

The view during the ascent on Ben Macdui from the "edge" of the wide summit plateau. To the left is Carn a' Mhaim (1037 m), in the middle Devil's Point (1004 m), and the point on the extreme upper right reaches 1213 m.

Glen Dee


A wall of weathered granite.


Loch Etchachan at 927 m above the Hutchinson Memorial Hut and the northeastern flank of Ben Macdui.
Granite Loch Etchachan

Loch Etchachan

Seen during our descent from Ben Macdui. The valley in the background leads to Loch Avon.

Loch Etchachan

Loch Avon

Bigger but lower at 725 m this lake is also know as Loch A'an and gives birth to the river Avon.

Loch Avon

Shelterstone Crag

Two pictures of the same rock, harboring some good climbing routes.

Rock near Loch Avon Rock near Loch Avon

Loch Avon

From its northeastern end and close to the outflow of river Avon.

Loch Avon

Scots Pine

The Cairngorms NP still contains some beautiful old trees such as these in the Glen Derry.


Scattered trees in the Glen Lui.
Trees in Glen Derry Lui Water


The way as we arrived and as we left, two photographs of a bridge across Lui Water not only on different days but the left in the afternoon and the right in the morning.

Bridge across Lui Water Bridge across Lui Water

Lui Water

The view downstream. Almost the same photograph was made days ago in identical beautiful weather.

Lui Water

Cairngorms NP

Lui Water, the view to the northeast.

Lui Water