Katun River

A child of the Katun Glacier on the southern slopes of Mt Belukha (4,506 m). After he river has joined its waters with the Byia River it is called Ob - one of the big Siberian rivers.


Often it is an adventurous undertaking to cross a Siberian river, with or without a bridge.
Katun Bridge


This mountain glacier is flat like an ice cap and doesn't harass us with big crevasses.

Another Glacier steeper and too small to be found on our map. It has some hanging parts on the left side.
glacier hanggletscher


This type of crevasse is typical for the steep upper part of a glacier.


A small snowfield on top of a pass at 2,900 m is still melting in the middle of August.
Bergschrund Pass


A tributary of the Kucherla River is rushing down with thunderous noice.


The waterfall (left side) is at the far end of this lake. The trees between the large rocks along the lake shore and the good weather give the scene a unique touch.
Waterfall Lake

Mountain Lake

A beautiful small lake near the Multa River. Depending on wind, daytime, weather and the angle of view the appearance of its surface may change completely.


A morning without any air motion makes the lake act as an ideal mirror. My first look outside the tent was followed by a few seconds of total confusion by looking into a deep valley and missing the lake.
Lake Mirror

The same Lake before. View from above. The blue color of the water is caused by the presence of fine ground debris from the glacier.

Detsky Pass

Before enjoying this view we had to cross the pass on the opposite side, called Detsky (2.500 m).
Lake Detski

End of Rain

A beautiful evening becomes even nicer, if a long rain period has just come to a sudden end.


The mountain in the middle is 3,291 m high. The Kucherla River flows through meadows and swamps; obviously this place has been a lake in formerly time.
Pass Kucherla