Central Asia

Chong Kyzylsu River The central part of the biggest continent on Earth, of Asia, hosts a variety of landscapes from dessert, salt lakes to the tallest snow-covered mountains. While I am well aware of the photographic beauty offered by desserts, I haven't had the honor of really hiking through one. This has mainly to do with the often high temperatures, which I don't like, the tricky water supply, then I must admit my general inexperience in this environment, and finally the hot climate gives birth to all sorts of dangerous inhabitants, some of them being human. Hence the mountains, of which there are plenty.


The Altai is much alike the Alps, but still untouched by civilization. I have made two tours in the Katun Range, way back in the film age, and there are still many other beautiful places left to see in these mountains.


All right, Nepal. Here is just a small part of this country, a big country both judged by possibilities and by visitors. I was surprised of how many people are roaming the Annapurna area even in winter. For me it was a first time trip, nothing special, not at high altitudes due to the time available and the time of year, but backed up by comfortable lodges and fancy food. If I go there again, I will be a tent to a more remote region.

Tianshan - Terskei Alatau

This might very well be the middle of Asia, and it is also part of the world's roof with peaks higher than 7000 m. We are short of time (and of climbing experience), we limit ourselves to a more decent route close to Karakol on the eastern end of Issyk-Kul Lake. Unfortunately, very harsh weather conditions cut it even shorter. After having flown over dessert for hours, we got tackled by persistent rain and finally snow - we couldn't believe it.

Leh and Markha Valley

Naturally this page should have been named "Ladakh", but we took only on a small piece of this area in the north of India. Due to a tense time schedule we selected a trek closest to the capital Leh, and therefore one of the most popular routes. Still, there was no rush. The thin air at 3500 m nailed us for over three days to Leh for acclimatization, so we spent this time sightseeing in and around Leh. And it wasn't wasted.