Piton de la Petite Rivière Noire

As a starter serves the view from the island's highest point, the Black River Peak (828 m).

From Piton de la Petite Riviere Noire


Through a hole in the forest we see Le Morne Brabant in the distance to the southwest.

National Park

The Gorges viewpoint is directly located on the road and enjoys a lot of attention with a view at almost the whole Black River Gorges NP.
View at Le Morne Rivière Noire


The trail up to Black River Peak is an easy walk, but strong rainfalls have turned it into a slippery quagmire.


A colorful bench up on the summit of Black River Peak.
Trail Bench

Indian Ocean

The south coast at Le Soufleur.


Lava flows and subsequent erosion by waves lead to a bridge called Pont Naturel.
Coast at Le Souffleur Pont Naturel


Tourists on lava cliffs in front of crashing waves.

Tourists Tourists


Broad daylight near Le Souffleur versus a soft evening sun at Gris Gris make quite a difference, the latter being the most southern point of Mauritius.

Coast at Le Souffleur Coast at Gris Gris


This boy gets your attention with his shape and a length reaching that of a pencil. And if it bites...


A spider in its net. Depending on your monitor, the size may match the original, give or take.
Centipede Spider

Moka Range

All the mountains are eroded remnants of a volcanic island. Here we look at Pic des Guibies while ascending Le Pouce on a particular windy day.

Pic des Guibies Pic des Guibies

Le Pouce

The 812 m high rock towers above the capital Port Louis. The final part to the top is a bit hairy.

Pieter Both

At 820 m this eastern buddy of Le Pouce wins by a few meters, but only by cheating with the single huge rock on the very top.
Le Pouce Pieter Both


As if from an airplane: Looking down at Port Louis from Le Pouce.

Port Louis

Domaine des Aubineaux

A few old houses have been preserved and turned into museums like this colonial residence built in 1872.


A street scene from the old capital of Mauritius.
Domaine des Aubineaux Mahebourg


The Domaine des Aubineaux could afford itself a beautiful park and garden.

Plants Plants

Red-whiskered bulbul

Indian myna

Red-whiskered bulbul Indian myna


A Mauritius parakeet, also known as Echo parakeet, high on a tree, and the forest they are living in.

Parrot Forest


Inside the Black River Gorges NP.

Black River Gorge Black River Gorge

Cascade Cécile

Follow a steep trail from the not so impressive cascade Alexandra to the upper side of this spectacular waterfall.

Rochester Falls

A rocky dirt road through sugarcane fields shreds the car's suspension along with your nerves to pieces before you arrive at a beautiful fall over basaltic columns, defended by a squadron of mosquitoes.
Cascade Cecile Rochester Falls


The exotic interior and a rainfall at the coast.

Plants Rainbow

St Félix Beach

A beach in late afternoon. The water is too flat and infested with sharp corals, not to mention the urchins. Want to go swimming?

La Prairie Beach

The setting sun shines at the southwestern corner of Mauritius. The small island is Îlot Fourneau.
St Félix Beach Le Morne Brabant

Le Mourne Brabant

This 556 m high rock is a landmark of Mauritius. People love to climb up, which takes some effort. For us the entrance was closed due to construction work.

Le Morne Brabant Le Morne Brabant


Not very colorful, this one, but the only exemplar patient enough to sit through the photo-session.


A macaque on a tree, enjoying a break.
Gecko Monkey


The coastline at the village Bois des Amourettes.


Vieux Grand Port was the place of the first settlement on Mauritius in the 17th century. Here is the oldest cemetery.
Bois des Amourettes Cemetery

From Mahébourg

The mountain in the background carries the name Montagne du Lion for its distinctive shape. A small sea battle, the Battle of Grand Port, erupted in 1810 between French and English ships at this place.

Montagne du Lion Battle du Grand Port



Bananas Sugarcane


It's the most beautiful time at the beach, but passes quickly in the tropics.

Bel Ombre beach Sunset