The inhabitants of the Seychelles are no savages, as you would expect on an island in the middle of the ocean. Many churches such as this one in Bel Ombre prove this.

Church in Bel Ombre Church in Bel Ombre


A "standard" picture, blue water with a matching blue sky above, palm trees, just like taken from a catalog. This is the Anse Jasmin, accessible only by a trail, or by boot.


Some granite outcrops in the Anse Boileau. Granite is the geological basis of the islands around Mahe, not volcanic rock like on many other islands.
Anse Jasmin Anse Boileau

Indian Ocean

These are some more realistic pictures, definitely not for advertising. Looks like tough weather, but the air is above 30 degrees Celsius, the water slightly below for compensation. A bath gives only temporary relief, if at all.

Indian Ocean Indian Ocean


A small stream forms a pond short before it flows into the ocean. What is not shown in the picture is a road to the right and a pizzeria to the left.


A look at the jungle. I doubt that it is still the same forest as it grew a thousand years ago, but it sure looks like jungle to me.
Mare Anglais Jungle


A screw palm (Pandanus), of which there are plenty in various places, with aerial roots for a better stand against strong wind.


It is always dark inside the jungle. The shadow is welcome, but compensated by the absence of wind. Heat and moisture combined are challenging.
Palms Jungle on Praslin


Some of the exotic (for a European) plants offer special motives. These are two from the Vallee de Mai park on Praslin Island.

Plant Plant


A crazy bulbul in the Vallee de Mai near a rest area, watching for crumbs. The bird looks as if he's just gotten up from a good night's sleep.


The Seychelles are home of the Aldabra giant turtoise. On Mahe, however, they only live in captivity, kept in the mud like pigs.
Bulbul Turtles


Despite the climate there are not as many flowers as could be expected. Here is one I've found.

Plant of Prey

On top of Copolia, a granite cupola of 497 m, carnivorous plants (pitcher plants) are lurking on the ground. Thankfully they only eat insects.
Flowers Plant


We know them only from the supermarket. Here they grow and exist in every way but the ripe yellow banana we are accustomed to.

Bananas Bananas


The "trail" leading up to the Morne Blanc. Rain is a commodity on the Seychelles. If it rains, it is at first a pleasure. A shower in this heat, very welcome. If it lasts, it becomes annoying with the shoes filling up.


This witchcraft near the top of Morne Blanc is obviously the work of tourists.
Near Morne Blanc Near Morne Blanc

Vallee de Mai

On Praslin Island a patch of real forest offers the visitor a view at the jungle as it was in the past. The trail network seems small, yet it takes you several hours to complete the circle.

Praslin Praslin


A house on the slopes in the jungle. There is not much space on Mahe.


A stretch of the coast near Beau Vallon from high up in the jungle.
House Coast


From Copolia goes the view nearly 500 m down to the east coast, with the airport on the right upper end and Eden Island, a new luxury settlement, on the left upper side.


Morne Seychellois, at 905 m the highest mountain of the archipelago, seen from Copolia.
From Copolia From Copolia


Residence in Beau Vallon on the west coast, not far from the beach, offers a good opportunity to snap at the setting sun and having dinner all at the same time, since locals are selling snacks from various booths along the beach. The sunsets are of a great variety, and often the most beautiful sight occurs after the sun has already disappeared behind the horizon. The lower left photography was taken from the ship back from Praslin, shaky as it was, and all these shots feature the silhouette of Silhouette Island, situated west of Mahe.

Sunset Sunset
Sunset Sunset

More Islands

A glimpse of Victoria and the island of Sainte Anne from the jungle.


The capital from above. Note the big cemetery. The warship near the tanks is the Spanish frigate Tornado.
Victoria Victoria from Copolia


A little copy of Big Ben, the clock tower, stands on a roundabout in Victoria, one of the few attractions of the small city.


Located in the Indian Ocean, a Hindu Temple offers an alternative to the many catholic churches.
Clock Tower Hindu Temple


Cocos palms grow all over the Seychelles. The nuts are huge.


Taking chances of being hit by a nut I seek shelter from a rain shower underneath a palm tree.
Palm Palm


A view of Silhouette Island on a particular tough day. It rained hard for hours. The ordinary rain shower is as if you take a shower at home. Sudden start, no wind, big droplets.


Some clouds are forming over Silhouette Island. The air is hot and humid, it's just like in a greenhouse from which there is no escape. On the plus side the water temperature favors a straight plunge into the sea.
Silhouette Island Silhouette Island